Aaron Jay Lev - Social Media Expert

With 20 years of business development and internet marketing experience, I can help you take your sales to the next level.

I've worked with Global 25, Fortune 500 and startup companies.  I will tailor a custom strategy that is RIGHT for your particular situation.

I will turn your social media profiles into the ULTIMATE sales machine.

​I will coach you into creating a "tripwire" that is best for your industry.

I will create super engaging lead funnels.  I will optimize your websites for massive search engine traffic.

You could probably read a few blogs and learn some great tips and tricks on how to improve your social media presence.  You could also read some health blogs and create a health regimen for yourself or how to cure yourself of some health related symptoms.  

However, when it's time to get serious about your health, you go to a certified nutritionist, personal trainer or doctor.  

When it's time time get serious about your business marketing, it's time to see a certified social media director.

Although you can learn how to post Facebook Ads or create a good looking website, there is no substitute for experience.  I know what it's like to grow a business from the ground floor to one that generates 7-8 figure monthly sales.  By avoiding the "trial-and-error" method of learning, I can put you on the right path from the beginning to lead you to success in the most efficient way possible.

I have been building websites for 20 years with the ultimate goal of generating sales.  By staying current with the technologies, I'm able to keep my clients on top!  Since I've been around since "the beginning", I not only know what works for today, but I have a deep understanding of the foundations so I can grow and adjust my strategies to keep you on top for the tomorrows as well.

As a jack of all trades, I can be your "Go To Guy" if you need help with your newsletter, graphics, website building, lead funnel generator, e-Commerce Merchant Terminal, Content Generator, Advertising Manager, Social Media Director or whatever is needed to get the job done.  Sometimes you need someone "stupid" to look at your website with a fresh pair of eyes and see what your new website visitors would see.   Although you might know the value in your products and services, sometimes a website is missing that silly little step that walks your customer through your value proposition one step at a time.

As a local internet marketing expert, I can leverage the most valuable part of the internet marketing networks.  When someone searches for "Italian Restaurant", they don't want to find the restaurant that has invested the most in advertising, they want to find a restaurant near them in the right price and quality range.  By hyper-focusing internet advertising on your customer's physical location, we can take advantage of local internet advertising.

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