Donald Trump Needs To Hire Me for his Business Marketing Coach

Trump Advice

I have bad news for Donald Trump, making things 1% better will NOT “Make America Great Again”. In fact, making things 10% better may not work either. What the American people desperately need is for things to be 10X better which is going to involve making some radical changes, some out of the box thinking and breaking with tradition.

One example of making this multiple times better would be taxis. There have been Taxis in New York City as far back as 1899. Many companies have come and gone, each with slightly cheaper cars or slightly better scheduling system, but the significant change didn’t happen until Uber came along and replaced the company owned-taxicab with a mobile app and a driver willing to use their personal car. The key to the success of Uber is not just improving the existing system, but making some radical changes and innovating the service altogether.

Uber Taxi

So here’s my advice to Donald Trump starting on day #1. The Constitution only states that the President needs to be sworn in, the tradition that we see today is years of small changes that happen each time. Let’s INNOVATE and get rid of the 180 Million Dollar expense to the taxpayers for the public presidential inauguration and let the networks (including Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube) bid for the rights to broadcast the swearing-in ceremony in a private venue. Bam! Massive savings to the taxpayers and a new American tradition!

Obama Innauguration

As a business coach, I work with many hard working entrepreneurs that strive to make improvements in their service and cuts to their expenses which is great. However, as an outsider, I can often give a fresh view of your business and marketing strategy that could lead you to 10X more business, and not 1% or 10% tweaks. Trust me; it’s better to innovate before your competition decides to do so and go YUGE.

I was born and raised in Silver Spring, MD, just outside of the Washington Beltway, so technically, I’m a perfect example of Washington outsider. If Donald J. Trump wants me to go to DC, I’d be happy to help, and believe me… my tweets will be Amazing!

Until I become America’s Business Marketing Coach, schedule a free 30-minute strategy session with me. I will review your marketing plan and figure out how to make YOU great again.

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