My “Secret” 5 Step Formula for improving a Facebook Ad Campaign

My “Secret” 5 Step Formula for improving a Facebook Ad Campaign

I have a secret

I’ve been helping people with their internet marketing for 20 years.  I’ve seen plenty of “systems” come and go, push-button software packages come and go, and marketing shortcuts come and go.  I have to admit that I’m die-hard “old school” for one simple reason, it works!  This is not to stay that I don’t spend a significant time every day staying current with the latest technologies and social media trends. My attitude and philosophies in Social Media work just as well today as they did with Zig-Ziglar.  My “secret” Formula is very similar to the basic “Scientific” method that you learned in grade school and used by Newton, Carl Sagan or Albert Einstein.

Step 1.  Create an experiment.

There are many factors you can tweak on Facebook; Picture / Video, Headline, Text, Link Description, Link Display, Link URL, Call To Action, Targeting, Placement and Bid Strategy.

Today I am testing the caption on my photos.  As you can see, the pictures are very similar, however, the text on the left has been changed.


Step 2.  Run the experiment – Collect data

Run multiple Facebook ads at the same time and see how people react.  Facebook is VERY good at collecting information on exactly how each ad is doing, how often people click on an ad, how they interacted with it and if it was a good match for their personality.

The more you spend on this part, the more accurate the information.  This is where art meets science for your Social Media Director to see if the ad was displaying enough to give a true sample of how people react or not too much to be wasteful for the advertiser’s budget.


Step 3. Analyze the data.

This step is where great Social Media Directors can distinguish themselves from a good Social Media Managers.  By looking at the behavior of the Facebook users with the various ads, we need to figure out which statistics are significant, and which ones should be ignored.

The old joke is that half of all marketing efforts are wasted, the real trick is to know which half.

In this example, the analysis is as follows.

Image Click Through Rate Cost Per Click Cost Per Sale
1 3.4% $0.170 $6.087
2 8.1% $0.051 $2.145
3 1.2% $0.363 $20.098

Image #2 is clearly the “winner”.  I would immediately stop running the ads with images #1 and #3.

Step 4. Make Adjustments.

Now that we know #2 is the “winner”, we can try to experiment with the Headline, Text, Placement etc.  We could also do another experiment on the image by running image #2 against the same image without the shop graphic, or maybe the shop graphic on top of the question.

There is no “perfect” advertisement, but there are always little things that can be done to improve the return on investment for the Facebook Advertisements.

Facebook Like

Step 5. Repeat.

The next Facebook campaign should be run, collect data, and hopefully there is another opportunity to improve the investment return.  Running daily experiments may not be perfect and weekend behavior might be different than weekday.

It may take several weeks to get a sales funnel fully tweaked so that this process can be repeated several times, but slow enough to collect a significant amount of user behavior.

The advantage of hiring someone to take care of your Facebook Advertising Campaign is that they can repeat this process on a regular basis, where you may be busy servicing your customer and otherwise taking care of business.

By repeating this process, most advertising campaigns can be optimized and tweaks until it is highly profitable.  At that point, it is just a matter of scaling and growing the business!

Happy Facebooking!

Aaron Jay Lev




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