The top 5 warning signs it’s time to fire your Social Media Director

An unethical Social Media Director (SMD) could destroy the reputation of your business, make you feel helpless and possibly hijack your company’s website, social media accounts and other online assets. Here are the warning signs that you need to fire your current social media director and get some professional help.

Everything might be fine and dandy with your “Google Guy” while you are paying your monthly bill, not paying too much attention and not asking too many questions. I’ve personally seen internet marketers flee in the middle of the night, leaving their clients feeling powerless and without easy remedies to take back control of their online assets.

Make sure you stay empowered and in control by following these 5 basic rules.


1. Insist on staying up to date with all your passwords – If your SMD is registering online accounts or signing up for services in your name, insist on having a copy of the password or being given Administrator access.

They are technically YOUR accounts. You deserve to have the passwords. If something happens, having the passwords will be the first step in regaining control.

In an extreme case, I had a social media director hold a domain name hostage and the company eventually had to use a new domain name and re-incorporate under the new name.


2. Insist on regular status updates – I’ve asked people if they were happy with their current marketing company. They said, “Yes, they have a great reputation. I pay them every month and I just spoke with them a few years ago.”

When I take my car to the mechanic, I insist on an invoice for what I’m paying. To be honest, I have no idea what most of the line items mean, but I trust my mechanic to give me an accurate report. I feel in control and feel better about paying the bill. If I discover later there is a problem, I can give the report to another mechanic to figure out what happened. Even though you may not fully understand the reports from your SMD, it’s important for accountability and empowerment.

3. Set Specific goals – My least favorite internet marketing phrase is “Get you to the top of the search engines.” That is like saying they will get you the best billboard, or the best TV advertisement.

Be specific on which search terms you would like to be ranked. Do you want to be found for “Atlanta Hotels”, “Aaron Jay Lev” or “2016 American Election”? Your SMD should be setting specific goals based on your needs and tailoring a solution that will work best for you.


4. Set Measurable Goals – Do you want your SMD to make your Social Media “Awesome”, or do you want someone that will send out 60 relevant Tweets, 15 Facebook Page Updates, Create 2 YouTube Videos, and write 4 Blog Articles for your company each month?

Also, your SMD cannot control Twitter, Facebook or Google so they cannot promise how your website will rank or how the social media will react to your social media efforts. Your SMD can only guarantee what they are going to do for you personally.

Your SMD should have experience with “Expected Results” or “Expected Sales”. Be cautious if your SMD is guaranteeing results beyond their control and not offering a “best effort”. It could be a sign they have unrealistic expectations or are exaggerating their experience.


5. Use your own voice – Your SMD should be using YOUR voice when promoting YOUR business. Listen to your gut and make sure you are connecting with your customers in a way that feels right to you. I’ve had specific requests to be either: family friendly, non-political, hipster, joking, serious, corporate or elite.

Your SMD may suggest ideas that you haven’t considered. It is sometimes good to try new things, but if you are against offering discount coupons, don’t offer discount coupons. Don’t promote risque’ advertisements if that doesn’t suit you.

Conclusion: Working with a Social Media Director can help take your marketing to a new level, and have someone focused on your marketing so you can stay focused on running your business.

In my 20 years as an internet marketer, these are the top 5 common complaints I’ve heard from new clients. Hopefully, these simple tips will help you stay in control of your Social Media Direction!

If you post questions or comments below, I’ll do my best to answer them.  Thank you for you time!

By the way, if you need help with your Social Media or need help breaking up with your current Social Media Director, fill out an application to work with me and I’d be happy to chat with you.


Aaron Jay Lev


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