How the 15 year old interns help the Trump and Clinton Social Media Campaigns

Donald Trump tweets so often you would think a 15-year-old is coordinating Junior Prom with his girlfriend.  Hillary Clinton’s media machine is so large; you would think an army of 15-year-olds are locked up in a DC bunker somewhere with crates of Twizzlers and Oil Drums of Diet Doctor Pepper.  To understand the people behind the Social Media Campaigns, you need to understand the roles involved with Social Media.

Social Media Poster – This role covers 99% of the people you meet that say they “Do” social media.  They post on your social media profiles and push information out that is interesting to them.  If you receive a spam message offering Social Media, they are a “Poster”.

Social Media Director –  This role cover the 1% of the people that have been through a formal Social Media Certification Program, often have backgrounds in marketing, psychology, and business and will have a holistic view of the online marketing efforts.  Social Media posts are selected to provide useful information and generate interest for the types of people that would be customers of the business.  Online Advertisements would offer a consistent and smooth transition to a landing page, signup form, tripwire offer, automated follow up emails, newsletters, upsells, downsells, consultation requests, and customer follow up.

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The 15-year-olds will be suitable for following up with questions generated from social media but would not be in charge of directing or creating the message.  The posts on your social media profile could be more important that live press releases from your company.  It would be laughable to put your 15-year-old niece in front of the news stations to talk about your business’s new product.  You would have a senior marketing director that truly understands the vision of the company and can articulate the concepts because what the public hears about you is important.  You want the same level of sophistication for your social media as well since your Tweets, Posts and Blogs will be discovered and re-read months and years after publication.

In 1935, only 15% of the businesses had telephones.  Today, it would be inconceivable that a business would operate without a phone or email.  Although some companies aren’t focusing on social media, your competitors probably have a focused and compelling social media campaign.

There is a HUGE difference between knowing how to post on social media, and knowing how to craft a message which is intriguing to people enough to become followers, then providing website assets to encourage the engaged fans to convert to customers.  If you think that saving money on a social media poster is the way to go, think again.

A certified social media director knows that posting on Facebook twice or even five times per day will generate significantly more traffic than posting “when the intern isn’t too busy.”   While interns may know the basics, how to post on their personal social media profiles, or read a few blogs about how to make your social media look busy, a true social media director will be able to measure the results of the marketing efforts and adjust and tailor the various campaigns as needed.  This is far beyond the simple skills possessed by the 99%.

Did you know there is a difference between posting on your Facebook Profile and posting on your Facebook Business Page?  Did you know that virtually no posts are viewable by your followers if you don’t pay?  The days of free traffic are gone (except for long term SEO efforts), so now it’s a matter of using marketing spend wisely.

Did you know that Instagram followers are 47X more engaged that Facebook users?  Do you know that Facebook and LinkedIn users behave completely differently?  Each marketing project needs to be hand crafted to reach the right audience in the right way.

Social Network Fingers

There are weekly changes in Social Media platforms, so your social media director will likely need to spend 5% – 10% of their time researching the latest trends and social media network tools and algorithms.  It takes a variety of skills, such as a business-sense, personality, research skills, willingness to learn, dedication, creativity, ability to analyze, build relationships, and public speaking skills to be successful.

You could hire a 15-year-old intern to run your social media to save money.  You could also replace your CEO, CFO, and Vice Presidents with 15-year-old internets to save money on their salaries, but the thought would be laughable since they would likely run the company into the ground.

Would you hire a $50 / hour attorney?  You probably wouldn’t, because the consequences of a lawyer doing a poor job in court would outweigh the benefit of saving on the legal fees.  Would you hire an attorney that hasn’t passed the bar exam?  Probably not, because most people wouldn’t know how to interview an attorney in a way to understand their legal skills.  The certification means that the candidate is qualified to do the job and has a high probability of success.  If you would hire an uncertified Social Media Director for $15/hour, then you are valuing the salary savings above the potential for generating new customers for your business.

Consider running you company in the same way the Presidential Campaigns operates.  You could have the best product or service in the world, but if people don’t know your value, it doesn’t make a difference.  Put the 15-year-olds in the back to do the busy work and hire a professional to create the vision and set the direction for the marketing.  Better yet, hire someone with the sophistication to understand your company and what motivates people to become customers for your business.

Remember, when you are hiring a Social Media Director, it is not an expense, it is an investment to help your company succeed!


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